Anonymous asked:

What's your opinion about Lady Gaga? Since you're a huge Bowie fan and so is she!

LOVE me some Gaga. I worked on some of her set pieces for this tour—isn’t that cool? I upholstered stuff that she sits on! Never met her, but her boyfriend is from my town. I always hold out hope that I’ll be there for the next Gaga sighting.

mutations-and-tidal-waves asked:

I can't decide between reading The Lord of the Rings or Stephen King's Doctor Sleep. I haven't read either yet, and I need a second opinion on which first.

I haven’t read Mr King’s latest, but I’ve only heard good things. Lord of the Rings is epic and magical, but dense. I took a summer to read the trilogy. Have you read The Hobbit? I would recommend that first. Then the trilogy.

kandish asked:

Is there any David Bowie song that you actually dislike? Why does your wife need a service dog? I really hope your day and your whole week is getting better :D

John, I’m Only Dancing (Again). That’s the only one I can come up with…

Kat needs a service dog to help her live a fulfilled life. She suffers from acute anxiety and panic disorders, agoraphobia, and depression. Having a constant companion and someone to help define her personal space in public settings, we feel (and her therapist feels), will do just that. 

Thanks for the great ask!